7 Interesting Facts About The Geneva International Motor Show Taking Place Annually In March

1905 was the first year that the Geneva International Motor Show was held in Geneva, Switzerland.  Through the years you can follow the history of the automotive industry by what was featured at each show.

From the “internal combustion” engine models, the steam- and benzene-powered motorcars, starting in the early 1900s till present times, where exotic super motorcars steal the spotlight.  This motor show is the place to find new prototypes, new technical know-how, new equipment, and also the place to form new partnerships in the automotive industry.

Interesting Facts About the Geneva Motor Show:

  1. This event is one of the biggest automotive shows in the world: The Geneva automotive show brings all the best, and the newest developments in the automotive industry together to show their products.  Geneva is seen as the traditional location for new product launches, new industry announcements, discussions, new technologies, regulations and the future of motorcars.
  2. “Press days” and Public days: Every show starts off with 2 “press days” where most of the major events will take place; the debuts of new models, grand unveilings and all brand new products never seen before.  After these two days, the show will run for ten days where the public, everyone that is interested in the automotive industry, are welcome.
  3. A “Must-See” Event: Automotive shows are at risk of becoming phased out because of the big interest in smart technology.  In the case of the Geneva automotive show, its eccentricity makes it an event that must be attended.  This is “THE” automotive event to be attending.
  4. Excitement: The ultra-rich will attend the Geneva show, unlike with other automotive events, they come to buy.  The proceedings give the air of excitement found at an auction floor or all those places where big amounts of money are spend without a blink of an eye.
  5. Smaller Venue, More Brands: You can walk through the whole show in 30 minutes and see the displays of big and small companies alike.  Unlike most of the other car shows and expos in other countries, the car companies do not bring all their models, just the good stuff.
  6. Cars and Companies on Display: They are all there, the big companies, and the small companies, as well as, the totally unknown manufacturers.  It is a likeable fact that the show includes not only the big guns in the automotive manufacturing industry.
  7. Neutral ground: Geneva is Neutral Ground in the automotive manufacturing world.  The Geneva show is seen as being a level playing field for all the automotive manufacturers because of the fact that Switzerland does not manufacture cars.

Switzerland’s automotive industry does not include the manufacture of cars; they rule the world with their automotive parts, tyres, automotive equipment and technological know-how.  The fact that Switzerland does not manufacture any motor vehicles themselves, does not take anything away from the fact that they host a groundbreaking, major international automotive show, every year.