The Top 10 Luxury Cars That Super Millionaires Prefer Most

Switzerland may not be building their own motor cars, but they do rank top of the list for buying luxury cars.  Switzerland is found to be a natural home to all luxury vehicle brands and the core of the luxury vehicle market.  This is nothing strange when you take into account that Switzerland is also home to super millionaires and a lot of those are already billionaires.

The luxury market rank quite high in Switzerland and leading this market is the luxury cars segment.

Top 10 Luxury Cars Preferred by the Richest of the Rich:

  1. Porsche: A Porsche will always be known as the Iconic Sports car.  It is therefore not strange that there are almost 40’000 Porsches in circulation within Switzerland which means a sustainable, strong growth for the Stuttgart Automobile Company.  In 2014, a record count of the newly launched SUV, the Macan, was sold by Porsche.  Porsche did their research well and scored a big hit with this 4×4 vehicle.
  2. Jaguar: Jaguar spells British elegance.  Like the Jaguar itself, elegant and full of muscled power, the car named after it is a machine of precision in powerful motion.  Movement comes effortlessly and always very elegant.  Jaguar came second in the total numbers sold in Switzerland but made its position stronger with a new 4×4 range of vehicles.
  3. Ferrari: Switzerland is the country with the 5th biggest Ferrari-market.  This Italian manufactured luxury car had a 25% increase in sales from 2007.  Every year 300 Ferraris are sold, which constitutes a 5% of the global production, only in Switzerland.
  4. MG: The circulation number for this luxury car staid stable throughout the past 7 years.
  5. Cadillac: With 4000 luxury cars circulating in Switzerland for the past 7 years, this car is not a tall tale to tell but the real American Story.  Not many people actually know what these cars look like, nowadays; everybody knows the Company name, but only remembers the models from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
  6. Maserati: Another luxury brand, that is also manufactured in Italy, is referred to as the “other Italian car” when compared with the Ferrari.  In 2014, almost 4000 Maserati-luxury cars were in circulation in Switzerland.  In 2015, Maserati launched their first SUV, the Alfieri.  Maserati invests quite a lot in the Swiss luxury vehicle market.
  7. Aston Martin: An Aston Martin always catches the eye.  This is the forever James Bond car and always captures the attention.  There was a strong increase in numbers of this luxury, grand-touring cars after the release of the James Bond films in the 1950s and 1960s.
  8. Bentley: Bentley Motors Ltd. is a company that manufactures, develops and designed the Bentley luxury vehicles.  Bentleys are mostly hand-built and is known for their power and elegance.  There is a tremendous increase in circulation of Bentley motorcars in Switzerland.
  9. Triumph: Triumph Motor Company was British owned, but the Triumph trade-name is currently owned by BMW.  The circulation of Triumph cars in Switzerland is stable as the ninth luxury vehicle on the list.  Triumph is the mark of past glory and fame.
  10. Pontiac: The Pontiac brand of vehicles was manufactured by General Motors, but in 2009, production ended.  It still remains a registered trademark and still has a reasonable percentage of cars circulating in Switzerland.

A new generation of luxurious, interesting, machines, manufactured to cater to the very richest of the rich, has flooded the vehicle market.  These six- and seven-figure price tagged vehicles are now also the fastest-selling products in the automotive business.