7 Travel Tips For Your Next Luxury Vacation No Matter Where The Destination

To make a vacation extra special, you need to plan and organize everything just right from the beginning.  There are many lovely destinations for a luxury vacation.  Your first step should be deciding where you want to be, and this decision should be made with the expectations you have, in mind.

Do you want to test drive your new luxury SUV Supercar through wonderful landscapes or exciting mountain roads?  Or do you want to only drive when necessary, preferably by someone else, and rather fly to your destination and then just lounge on a beach?

Whichever you choose, you can always use a few tips from an expert.

7 Tips To Make Traveling Extra Special:

  1. Fly First Class or Business Class: If you are flying to your destination, you can cross the ocean in first class or business sleeper seat, or a mini-suite.  You can expect nice wine, a tasty meal and a restful few hours.  You will arrive refreshed and rested, ready to start your vacation.  If you intend driving the rest of your vacation to uninhabited places and follow secluded roads, this will give you a good rest before starting your travels.
  2. Hire a Chauffeur to do the Driving: If you really intend to do the minimum of driving during your vacation, let someone else do the driving for you.  You can sit back in a luxury car and relax while you are driven wherever you wish to go.  You can make arrangements that your hired chauffeur pick you up at the airport and do all the luggage jostling and other tedious stuff for you.
  3. Make Reservations in a 5-star Hotel: You can start your vacation in a place where it is every employee’s greatest wish to fulfil their guests’ greatest wishes.  You will find the best service at a 5-star or boutique hotel.  They will have that personal touch, caring about your wishes and appreciating your business.
  4. Accommodation in a Rented Luxury Villa: Spending a week or more in a peaceful, luxurious, villa, with a full concierge service, chef, nanny, and everything you can wish for, sounds pretty expensive.  Fact is, it can be more affordable than 5-star hotel suites.  And, if you share with friends, travelling together, doing things together, you can split the bill.
  5. Hire a Private Guide: A reputable, certified guide can be of great help to make your excursions hassle-free.  They will also make sure that you do not miss the best places in the city or town you are vacationing in.  Guides are mostly locals and will help you understand the city or country you are visiting better.  They usually do the planning and preparations, for instance, possible ticket purchases or Restaurant bookings, beforehand, so you will not need to bother with that.
  6. Decide on an Experience that you will really love to share: Ask your hotel concierge or private guide to make a list of over-the-top, meaningful, and out of the normal, ordinary experiences that you can share with your family or friends.  Something that will stand out and be remembered long after the vacation might be forgotten.
  7. At least once, make a reservation at a Michelin Star Restaurant: There will always be a Michelin Star restaurant near a luxury hotel, and you have to make a stop at one to have a serious dining experience.

Lastly, you can find s fabulous bar where you can go to after a long day of either, doing nothing, trekking through historical monuments, lounging on a beach, or whatever your fancy for your vacation might be.  You can sit back, order a cocktail or whiskey and soak up the atmosphere that will also give you the feel of your vacation destination.