Production and results are some of the most important factors for a successful business and happy employees.  Whether you or your employer creates a productive workspace is irrelevant.  The important thing is that you have a workspace that cultivates optimal production and a positive environment.

Factors that can Promote Productivity:

  1. Good lighting: The first important thing for productivity is sufficient light.  Any good working space requires good lighting to ensure that your eyes don’t get tired.  The lighting for a workspace should be sufficient but not too bright.  A good work lamp, natural light from windows, and overall office lighting should all contribute to the ideal lighting.
  2. Ergonomic work furniture: The table and chair that employees sit at for many hours a day should be the right size, height, and distance for each individual.  Ergonomic spaces place the chair and table at the right height and the computer screen at the right distance. You can research the ergonomic distances for your height and type of work.
  3. Fresh air: Oxygen is necessary to help the blood flow in our bodies.  Fresh air and ventilation are necessary to prevent fatigue and slow working speeds.  Windows and good ventilation systems are a must for productive work.  If there is no constant or direct access to windows, frequent breaks for fresh air might be in order.
  4. No clutter: Some people tend to work well in chaos, but the most productive people have organised working spaces that allow them to know exactly what is going on.  They know where to find everything they need.  They also never feel overwhelmed with the mess around them.  A clear and organised workspace helps productivity and will ensure the best results.
  5. Greenery: Studies have proven that plants and flowers in a workspace increase productivity.  Not only do they offer colour and a positive atmosphere, but they also add to the oxygen content of the office.  Plants all around of different kinds make a huge difference in any office and will definitely cultivate positivity and higher productivity.
  6. Good management: Micro-management is almost always a recipe for unhappy and unproductive employees.  Good management that involves encouragement and positive and constructive feedback will contribute to more productive employees and better results.  Treating employees well and giving them the respect and recognition they deserve, will definitely contribute to a more productive workspace.

These factors, amongst others, will create a workspace that will encourage productivity and make employees feel more positive and focused.  With these elements in place, employees will be productive and positive and business will be booming.  Be sure to create this type of workspace if you are looking for increased productivity and a happier working environment.